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Mobile digital devices are increasingly being used at every level of hostile and criminal activity for the accessing, storing and sharing of information and as a vital navigation tool.

Identify potential threats

Athena enables forces to extract and process communication and positioning information from GPS, satellite handsets, phones and other portable devices, fast.

Real-time, ground level intelligence

By using recovered call registers, SMS and even social networking data retrieved by Athena, ground forces can gather and pass on real-time intelligence from the frontline, immediately.

Assure information and establish trust

Athena proves invaluable in the assessment of the source and reliability of HUMINT information.

Develop a rich intelligence database

Athena is proven to increase operational success and mission effectiveness by helping to create detailed, intelligence-driven reports of people, groups and areas of interest.


  • Fully portable, light and robust.
  • Weight: 1.06kg. Fan-less, dust and water resistant (MILSTD-810F) and IP65 certified 6 foot drop rating.
  • Bespoke packaging specifically developed for different operational environments.
  • Low levels of magnesium, making the technology ideally suited to maritime and aviation environments.
  • Simple to use touch-screen technology.
  • 5.6” touch-screen to allow easy, clear viewing.
  • High level of security and integrity.
  • All data is AES encrypted and stored on a removable hard drive.
  • Batteries support up to 9 hours’ continuous use and are hot swappable.
  • Built-in hi-res camera.
  • Allows inclusion of images within reports.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • Records the position where the examination took place and allows geotagging of pictures, video and locations of interest.
  • Complete set of cables and peripherals.